I’m a freelance Web Developer

People often ask me if I’m more of a designer or more of a developer. While I started as a designer I’m quickly finding it more difficult to answer that question because I really enjoy developing the websites I design. When you move from the mockup/prototype phase into the development phase I find a number of gaps form and questions arise between the designer who understands the client’s needs and the development team who’s tasked with making the mockup come to life. As a designer developer I utilize all of the information throughout the whole client process from start to finish, and that allows me to make sure that lose ends are avoided and cohesive experience is created. It truly gives me complete control over the end product to merge beautiful design with clean code and simple website management.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.– Steve Jobs –
Responsive Wordpress Website

Adventure Down in Middle-Earth

for YWAM Bethlehem

Creating a new web experience bring this unique New Zealand experience alive was easily the most challenging web project I had personally completed at the time. I had personal motivation to share an adventure with others while pushing the boundaries of possibilities within Wordpress.

Custom Employee Portal

Keeping Everyone on the Same Page

for Rockwell Security

Along with implementing a new responsive theme, the Rockwell team wanted to add an employee training portal where employees could access training videos. Sounds easy right? The only catch, managers wanted to be able to track which employees had finished the videos. While outside of the scope of my previous experience, it was a challenge I was excited to take on.


How I Approach WordPress Development

Use but don’t abuse tools

When I first starting developing WordPress sites I added every plugin imaginable, not realizing the speed and maintainability hit I was undertaking. Now I stick to a few core plugins and do as much as I can with my own custom coding as possible. The result - faster, simpler builds and the peace of mind knowing what all of the code on the site as actually doing.

The devil’s in the details

While I started as a web designer mocking up websites and passing them along to developers, I quickly realized that the majority of developers don’t pay attention to details… at least aesthetic details. After seeing design after design poorly executed I decided I would try my hand coding custom themes. Now my designs come to life how I envision them down to the pixel on every screen size.

So easy a caveman can maintain it

The sight of simple HTML is enough to terrify even the most tech savvy client. With so many simple tools to manage website content, I don’t want my clients to feel daunted to update a site that should be easy to maintain. I approach usability the same on the backend as I do the front to make content management as simple as possible.

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