I’m a freelance web designer

I’ve always enjoyed the thrill of piecing together puzzles. From opening the box to placing the final piece, puzzles require enthusiasm, resolve, and attention to detail. Designing a website is like completing a puzzle. It’s more than simply making something look good or load quickly. A website represents an entity, engages an audience, and requires imagination and creativity balanced with precision and ingenuity.

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.– – Milton Glaser – –

My Web Design Philosophy

Form Follows Function

Good design compliments and enhances the goal of a website. What interactions do you want from visitors, and how are you going to get them there in the first place? These are the cornerstone questions of a quality design.

Make the Content Come to Life

Design doesn’t stop with the home page. I can easily tell the quality of a site when I visit the contact or FAQ pages, you know…. the pages no one really cares about. But I want users to feel comfortable on every page of the site.

The Devil's in the Details

The smallest shadows, textures, subtle animation, etc. can elevate a design from good to amazing. Tailoring the experience for every device is also crucial and requires a dedication to user experience.

Design Skills & Experience

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Other Tools & Resources

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